Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mushy Gushy Love Post

Soooo it's time I make one of these posts where I'm just going to go on and on and on about how much I love my girlfriend. Some of you may not want to read.. hahah

But it's true. I've found my soulmate. I don't think this post will be too long though because words can barely describe how I feel. Being without her this summer has been one of the hardest things. Honestly, I didn't think this summer would be this bad. We've been long distance before and it didn't feel this bad. Also towards the end of the year I guess I was thinking we were around each other too much maybe. I don't know, I'm sure some of it was just my frustrations with her struggles and problems of my own. I was being too selfish, though. Getting back on topic, I would rather spend all my time with her and get annoyed sometimes than to not have her this much.

Did I mention she's gorgeous?

Not gonna lie, my girlfriend has issues. But she's perfect for me :) With everything we've been through, we always come out stronger. I truly believe there is nothing our relationship can't handle. No matter how annoying either of us get, we love each other way too much to let the other go.

I guess when you find love and you rely on the other person so much you just can't live without them. I've kind of lost a part of me it feels like this summer. I haven't had my best friend to laugh with, cuddle with, yell at, tickle, kiss, hug, talk to pretty much whenever I want about whatever I want. I can't wait to have it all back!

This post sounds so clingy which I really didn't think I was.. Oh well, who cares if I am obsessed haha

perfect for each other 

I think about our future all the time. I want to propose.. tomorrow haha but there's no point really in proposing if we would just be engaged for like 8 years. haha I still have 3 years of undergrad left and at least 3 years of Dental school. I don't really want to be married and be dirt poor, but I also don't want to wait till I'm like 27 or 28 to get married. I'm so ready already haha and I know she is too. I don't really know her career plans for the future.. She's majoring in Nutrition and I don't really know how much schooling she needs after undergrad.. 2 more years of that though. Sooo if we were to get married in 3 years.. We'd be living entirely off her salary which who knows how much that'll be.
^funny how I think about these things..

If you know me, you know I love kids. Babies especially and every time I see one I just want one of my own. With Haley of course. They're going to be soo cute and I'm just excited to see how that chapter of our lives goes. It'll definitely spice things up ;)
She's going to be a great parent one day!

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday! We're almost to the end of the week..
p.s. I'm moving back to Starkville a week from today! So excited!