Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh, What a Break

Well, I'm back in Starkville. I love this place so much. I missed it over Thanksgiving break. What a good break it was though. With no school AND no running, well that's one relaxing holiday. The only downfall to this break was that my back still hurts pretty bad. It scares me. I want/need to be able to run and train hard this winter. I want to be a black horse this track season. No one will even see me coming.
It's great to be back and talk with all the guys about what we did over the break and hear everyone's stories. I'm not looking forward to school tomorrow though. Just 3 days and then exams and it's over. I'm starting to freak out about exams, but oh well. 
I'm laying in bed watching FRIENDS. What else is new? haha
I'm about to get a little deep, but I've been thinking about this quite a bit lately.
In FRIENDS, every character loves all the others despite all of their flaws or wrong doings. It's kind of crazy to me, but I'm very envious. I wish I was less judgmental. I mean, no matter how many girls Joey has sex with, how many times Ross gets married, how many weird things Phoebe says, or whatever it may be, they all still love each other. Why can't we all be like that? Who cares if your friend has problems with drinking, sex, drugs, eating, school, or whatever the case may be? If you are their friend, you should be there for them just like the characters in FRIENDS. haha 
Anyways, it's just something that's been on my mind. I'm striving to be like that.
I feel like I have some more to say on the matter, but I just started falling asleep while typing. 
I also wanted to talk about my amazing girlfriend because today is our one year!
but - I'm calling it a night.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tomorrow is Only a Day Away

As I lay in bed, about to go to sleep, I have a lot on my mind. I feel like a kid the night before Christmas with so much anticipation that I cannot sleep. I'm so ready to go home tomorrow that it is al I can think about. I only have 1 mandatory class tomorrow and I really don't want to go to it. I don't think I'll be able to concentrate the whole time and I just don't see the point in going. I'm tempted to get in my car and go home tonight. All of this talk of home has lead me to think of how thankful I am for the life that I live. Ironic since Thanksgiving is in 4 days.

Things I'm thankful for:

1. My family - I have a wonderful set of parents that love me more than anything else in the world and do whatever they can to make me happy and I don't show my appreciation nearly as much as I should. I am also fortunate to have a sister that I can talk to, get along with, and in some cases look up to. I also love that my extended family cares so much for me. I think about people with families that are not like mine and I just don't know what I would do if I didn't have parents that took care of me and loved me with everything they had.
2. My girlfriend - She is always there for me. She always makes me smile. She always makes me laugh. She always encourages me. She always listens to me. She's so far from perfect, but there is no doubt in my mind she's perfect for me. I'm getting off topic. Anyways, I'm just really lucky to have someone that I can talk to about anything, trust, and that encourages me as much as she does.
3. My friends - Not only did I have great friends before college, but I am so lucky to have met the people that I have and built the friendships I am building. My teammates are like my new brothers. You form a friendship as teammates that is way beyond friendships I think. Doing workouts and 90 minute runs with these guys builds a friendship other than just partying together on the weekends or playing video games. We go through some of the worst pain our bodies have ever felt together in workouts. That sounds weird or whatever, but it's true.
4. My intelligence - I am a freshman in college with a 4.0 as a Biological Science major. Although I'm only in beginner level classes, getting an A in Biology I is kind of a big deal. I graduated high school in National Honors Society and with a 3.89 GPA. I'm on academic scholarship and I'm just very thankful for the brain The Lord gave me.
5. My athleticism - I'm a Division I athlete in the SEC. Kind of a big deal. I never thought I would be here. I wouldn't be here without all the abilities The Lord gave me. Not just physical, but also the mental toughness.
6. My appearance - This sounds horrible, but sometimes you see people and they are just unfortunate looking. It's not their fault, like what they wear or how they look, but I just can't help but feel thankful that when I look in the mirror I inherited some attractive qualities from my parents.
7. All the things I'm not or haven't done - I'm thankful I've never been arrested, broken a bone, had my heart broken, had any disease, been abused. I'm not cruel, a rebel, mean, stuck up, poor, or who knows what other really bad qualities.

I'm really thankful for a lot more, I just can't think of them all at once. Maybe I should put on here one thing I'm thankful for each day to keep in mind how great my life is and that way I wouldn't take as much for granted.

I used a lot of colors in this post which leads me to think about some of my obsessions. I have a lot of weird quirks. One of them is going in order on stuff. I don't really care what color is next, I'm going in order. I'm not going to care if you can't read it perfectly, if it doesn't match, or if its pink and girly. I just have to use it. I don't really know why I'm like this, I just am and it really bothers me when I go out of order for things. I have systems for everything. One of the weirdest is deciding what to wear. People always freak out on this one. I just wear whatever is next in my closet or drawer. I never really pick out clothes. Ok, anyways, enough with my weird stuff.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Smart Decision, Conrad.

I love Sundays in college. Every single one has been relaxing and all I do is sit around with the guys watching tv, talking about what crazy things happened on the previous night and catching up on whatever school work needs to be done before Monday morning. Today's conversations consisted of many great stories from last night!

Last night was Mississippi State's last home football game! It was THE most FUN game I've ever been to! We were so close to taking down those stupid razorbacks! DOUBLE OVERTIME! Doesn't get any more interesting than that! Everyone was respecting the bell until the last few minutes of the last quarter and then overtime. Hope the SEC doesn't penalize us for that one. haha. The cowbells were SO loud! The loudest I have ever heard the cowbell though was after the moment of silence for our football player, Nick Bell #36 that passed away 2 weeks ago. Anyways, the game was awesome and afterwards of course the guys are wanting to go out. Me and Hales just didn't really see the point in us leaving so we stayed in for the night. The guys asked to drive my car and I am so happy I made a smart decision and said no. I felt kind of bad at first, but I just don't feel comfortable with people driving my car. Well, the guys borrowed someone else's car and wound up getting in a wreck. Everyone was ok thank goodness, but if that was my car, I would have been pissed beyond belief. These guys just play it so cool and aren't mad at all really. So weird to me.

Other than that, it sounds like everyone had a good night, but I am definitely glad me and Hales went back to her place and pigged out on pretzels, peanut butter, and yogurt. The only bad thing about that was that I haven't been eating too wholesome the past couple days. I've had cookies, brownies, cakes and all sorts of delicious sweets that I've really just overindulged with. Now, I feel bad about it and I'm not running. This means extra crunches for me tonight! ha

As for the housing of my last entry: It looks like the 5 of us are set on living in these nice little cottages. Prospect Starkville will be my new home in the Fall and I cannot wait!! My parents think it's a little pricy, but they pay $150 more a month for my sister's rent so I don't think they should complain. However, I'm willing to make whatever sacrifices I need to in order to live there!

Friday, November 19, 2010


So today has been an awesome day. I got to sleep in, only had one class and had a fantastic run. The weather is perfect outside. I started off pretty slow, but wound up getting a pretty solid run in. I was focussing on form and just thinking of the things to come for me. I feel like I have a lot of potential and I'm more determined than ever to be the fastest I can be and do everything in my power to get me there. Words can't describe how much I love running. 
After the run, I went to get a bite to eat for lunch. I didn't realize how hungry I was!

Anyways, it's about that time of year where me and all of my friends need to decide what we're doing about housing for next year. There's usually five of us that spend all of our time together. Me, Bobby, Jay, Carson, and Mike. We all get along really well and are pretty neat people. I would like to live with any of them. Well, one of my friends told me about this new place opening up next year call Prospect Starkville. It's legit. They have a 5 bedroom place and the rent is a little pricy, but it would so be worth it. So of course, I assume it would be us 5 that live together. Well, apparently one of the other guys on our team found out about it and he wants in on the 5. I personally don't really want to live with him, but some of the other guys don't have a problem with living with him. Well, all I can say is I better not get wedged out of this 5 bedroom place. I can't afford the rent for the 4 bedroom place and no one would even know about this place if it wasn't for my friend in the first place. Plus, us 5 spend all of our time together. You snooze, you lose. Sorry, shouldn't have spent so much time with your girlfriend instead of the guys.

Well, for the rest of my day - there is a big dinner tonight with the team because there are like 12 recruits coming in. That's the most recruits we've ever had for one weekend. It's going to be crazy. Then, after that I suppose I'll go to the basketball game with the guys or just have a nice relaxing evening with my lovely girlfriend Haley. I'll talk about her very soon! I think I ranted enough today on this housing nonsense..

The Creation

So, I'm not really sure why I've created this blog or even that I will write in it all the time. I almost don't believe in blogs. It's an online diary. I just don't see the point in posting stuff on the internet for everyone to read when most people use them for intimate thoughts that should probably be kept to themselves. Like Mark Zuckerberg's ex-girlfriend told him, "The internet's not written in pencil, Mark. It's written in ink." On the other hand, I understand how good it can feel to write out how you feel. I usually do this all the time in a Facebook message or something, but I end up erasing it and deciding it's not worth it.

Well, I guess I don't really even have anything to say because the day has just begun! 
I should be sleeping and I'm actually going to attempt this right now!