Sunday, November 21, 2010

Smart Decision, Conrad.

I love Sundays in college. Every single one has been relaxing and all I do is sit around with the guys watching tv, talking about what crazy things happened on the previous night and catching up on whatever school work needs to be done before Monday morning. Today's conversations consisted of many great stories from last night!

Last night was Mississippi State's last home football game! It was THE most FUN game I've ever been to! We were so close to taking down those stupid razorbacks! DOUBLE OVERTIME! Doesn't get any more interesting than that! Everyone was respecting the bell until the last few minutes of the last quarter and then overtime. Hope the SEC doesn't penalize us for that one. haha. The cowbells were SO loud! The loudest I have ever heard the cowbell though was after the moment of silence for our football player, Nick Bell #36 that passed away 2 weeks ago. Anyways, the game was awesome and afterwards of course the guys are wanting to go out. Me and Hales just didn't really see the point in us leaving so we stayed in for the night. The guys asked to drive my car and I am so happy I made a smart decision and said no. I felt kind of bad at first, but I just don't feel comfortable with people driving my car. Well, the guys borrowed someone else's car and wound up getting in a wreck. Everyone was ok thank goodness, but if that was my car, I would have been pissed beyond belief. These guys just play it so cool and aren't mad at all really. So weird to me.

Other than that, it sounds like everyone had a good night, but I am definitely glad me and Hales went back to her place and pigged out on pretzels, peanut butter, and yogurt. The only bad thing about that was that I haven't been eating too wholesome the past couple days. I've had cookies, brownies, cakes and all sorts of delicious sweets that I've really just overindulged with. Now, I feel bad about it and I'm not running. This means extra crunches for me tonight! ha

As for the housing of my last entry: It looks like the 5 of us are set on living in these nice little cottages. Prospect Starkville will be my new home in the Fall and I cannot wait!! My parents think it's a little pricy, but they pay $150 more a month for my sister's rent so I don't think they should complain. However, I'm willing to make whatever sacrifices I need to in order to live there!

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