Friday, January 21, 2011

Even Better

Well, I'm sitting here, deciding that I'm going to blog, but I have no clue what to call this one! I want to call it the same thing as my last one because I'm truly living a good life right now. Oh well. I'll think of something as this comes along.

Life = good. I'm still reading my Bible daily learning more and more about the Old Testament and God's work in the lives of Abraham, Isaac and their descendants. It's great reading about what happens to them and then still knowing that He never left their sides. It gives me comfort in knowing that He will never leave my side.

Lately, in reading some people's blogs. I see people usually either try to update daily or weekly with their progress in something. I can't decide if mine should be used for running purposes or to talk about what I've learned through my readings each day or what.. I just don't know.. I guess for now I'll just keep talking about my awesome life!

This past week has been great for me! In all aspects. Let's break this down..
1. My readings have been going great as I already stated.. Yeah, guess I gave the update for that up there ^ with what I'm reading and learning about.

2. Things with Haley are just great! We've been pretty busy this week, but both understanding and have kept contact at least.. unlike the disaster that was last week. I'm looking forward to a great weekend with her which will hopefully also include some Local Culture (this awesome frozen yogurt place here in good 'ole Starkville).

3. Running! My love is making a comeback! haha After a long 2 months pretty much of either doing nothing or not enough to get any sort of fitness, it's finally coming back! Progress is all I care about right now. I'm not looking to be the best on the team or anything like that. I just want to run. I want to not feel pain. I want to feel fit. Then I can worry about some intensity and quality workouts. This week was the first workout that I ran faster than my coach anticipated me to run based on my very slow come back it seems.
The work out was as follows:

Full warmup (2 miles, stretching, drills, extended run, couple of strides)
Mile - 5:03 (schedule said: 5:15-5:20)
4 Mile tempo - 21:50 (schedule said: 22:00-23:00)
Mile - 5:05 (schedule said: 5:15-5:20)
Cool down (2 miles)

I would say this was finally a good workout! Granted the other guys on the team were going like 4:40's and their 4 miler was in the 20 minute range, but I don't really care. They ran right around the times that they were suppose to - maybe a little faster - but I feel like I dominated the workout given to me and I know that one day (hopefully soon) I will be up there with them as my fitness is still coming back! I know I'm capable of much more. It was only 2 weeks ago that my 4 mile was 22:10 at it's fastest and I was dying. On another note, running/eating go hand in hand. I'll admit I did kinda freak out about what was going into my body over Christmas break and maybe a little before. Some of this may stem from having a girlfriend with ED, and then the rest is just my stupid brain. I guess I felt like when I really just wanted to eat 10 cookies that she would judge me, heck I judged myself at that point. Granted, probably no one should eat 10 cookies at a time, but I just really do not give a crap anymore. I mean some things are still disgusting to me for health reasons, but when I'm walking by the desserts in the school cafeteria, if I want a cookie then gosh darn it, I'm getting one. If I don't want one then good, but most days I would like just 1 to go with my meal. What's the harm in that? Especially since now I'm running full workouts and burning it off. I may have gone a little too far in the other direction earlier this week because the other day I think I have a cinnamon roll with breakfast, maybe 1 cookie at lunch, 2 before dinner and 1 after dinner haha. Well, I just tell myself: "At least I enjoyed them!" I'm not freaking out about it or anything. I just might slow it down a little because I still really do want that 6 pack one day. hahah

I feel like this is long enough. I hope any of my readers have had as great of a week as I have and that we all have another great week next week!


  1. I love it, Connor!

    I don't really have time to read anything other than the first couple of posts, but I WILL get around to it! I'm about to go subscribe, too! :)

    Much love!

  2. This is a great post :)
    I'm so proud of you, in all aspects..