Friday, July 29, 2011

A Letdown Leads to a Lesson

Well, I'm having a pretty good week, I guess. It started off pretty great.

Wednesday morning I had a workout though and I wasn't really happy with it afterwards. I had 2 miles hard, then 3 miles hard, and then 2 more miles hard. I'm pretty happy with the last 2 sets, but the first one was just way too slow I guess. I spent the whole day freaking out about my fitness because of it. Haley's times were a lot faster (as far as for a girl) a couple of my other teammates also seemed to have faster workouts. I've just been telling myself all summer that I'm gonna be top 5 when we get back and that I've been working really hard, but according to this workout, I haven't been working any harder than my teammates probably. On a better note, I'm glad all my teammates are having such an awesome summer training wise. That means our team is just going to be awesome this year! Can't wait! I also just can't wait to be back with everyone. Who cares about how hard I'm working right now.. I'm just going to have to pound out some good workouts when we get back and if given the opportunity to race, race my ass off.

Work has been dead, but this weekend will probably be super busy. Cowboys Vs. Aliens, Smurfs, and Crazy Stupid Love.. 3 movies from different genres. That means a lot of people are going to come!

I miss my girlfriend so much. Only like 1 more week.. or less than that now I think! We haven't even had the chance to talk much lately it feels like. We talked for a while Wednesday, but I was being dumb about that workout and wasn't in a very good mood. She did everything she could to make me feel better.. it just wasn't working haha Then yesterday I don't even know what she was doing all day. It really kinda bothered me. I texted her about 3 times all spread out over a couple hours and never got a response. It'd be one thing if I knew what she was doing.. but I didn't so I just felt pushed to the side/ignored and didn't like it. I was also probably just jealous because I'm pretty sure she was out with friends and stuff and I just wish I could be there with her! Wow, maybe I'm just clingy? haha sorry

Anyway, my whole freak out on Wednesday really made me see how I've been way to obsessed with running. For the next two weeks, I'm going to try not freaking out if my workout doesn't go as well as I had hoped or if I just don't even feel that great on a run.

I'm starting to feel a cold coming on :/ I need to go take some medicine.
Then, I'm meeting my mom and her boss for lunch at Raferty's yummmm

Have a good weekend!

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