Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer in a nutshell

Pretty much all I do every day is run, eat, nap, watch 24, maybe do some homework for my Nutrition class, and work! I pretty much love all these things so I don't really care that I don't have much of a social life outside of these things haha. I know, it's sad.

Such a great show. I've watched 6 seasons in about a month and a half.
Each episodes is about 45 minutes long and there are 24 episodes in a season.
If you haven't seen it, you need to. It's addicting.

Well obviously I haven't blogged in a long time.. I guess I just thought no one ever read it or that I just didn't have very important things to say. I kinda want to use this as either a training log for my running or maybe just a way to share with people the things I learn as I grow in my faith. But I guess I feel like I haven't learned too much to grow in my faith.. which needs to change and I keep a running log on paper sooo doing it twice seems kind of pointless and I don't even know that people really would be interested to hear about my training. Most of this summer I haven't even really wanted people to know about my training..

I guess I'll address my running, though. This summer has been really intense so far. I want to be really good this year and so I'm taking all my runs pretty serious. I don't run hard every day, but I just stay focussed. On aerobic development runs, I start off at my easy pace, but the last half I get my legs going and by the end I'm running 6:00 pace. Apparently this is faster than some of my teammates have been running. I'm not sure though because none of them ever talk about paces.. Everyone just says they are having pretty solid runs. I wish I knew what they were really up to. Are they working hard at all? Are they working as hard as me? Are they running faster than me? I just can't wait to see where I stand on this team because I haven't really known since November where I stand. Anyways, some days I feel really tired and my legs feel super heavy and it makes me wonder if I can keep this up until November. I mean, that is a long way away. I start thinking about the really hard workouts we're going to be doing when we get down to school and I wonder how my legs are going to hold up if they're already this tired. I guess I'll manage. I also wonder how I'm supposed to do 10 mile tempos at 5:20 pace if I can't even do 10 miles under 6 minute pace without being pretty shot.  I know it's early and I'm not supposed to be there yet, but I feel like I'm running a lot faster than I ever have before so I'm excited to see what kind of season I'm going to have. Hopefully my hard work pays off!

Yesterday, me and my girlfriend Haley were looking at the stats on our blogs. Although I thought no one reads this thing, I guess quite a few people that read her blog tend to find mine and see what I'm up to. haha soooo Hi all of Haley's followers :) I'll try to blog more so that you can get both sides of our relationship or at least see more of the real me and not just all the nice things she says about me :)

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  1. yayy! You blogged!!
    Glad to see the inner workings of Conrad ;)
    P.s. 24 = badass
    Love you so much xoxo