Monday, July 25, 2011

My Week in Starkvegas

Sooo let's see..
I survived the 75 mile week.. and this past week was only 60. I felt like I didn't do anything haha..
I also didn't eat too healthy. I found myself everyday looking for some kind of sweet to eat. By the end of the week I was eating wayyyy too many starburst jelly beans and pretzel m&m's. yummmm. But it's starting to catch up with me. haha. Last night, I had to run after I got off work and I did not look nearly as fit as I did back in mid June. Soo I decided I'm determined to do enough push-ups and sit-ups to look fit again in the next 3 weeks before I go back to school. Oddly enough.. I didn't wake up to run this morning. I feel like a complete failure. I know I'll get it in.. I just really wish I had done it this morning. It's so much harder to make yourself go out and do it later than just getting it over with in the morning.

My sleeping schedule is so weird. I can't find a balance because sometimes I work nights soo I can't go to sleep till like midnight. Other nights I'm off and I'd like to be in bed by 10 at the latest. The nights I work though, I only get about 5-6 hours before I run so then I wind up taking excessively long naps and I'm not tired until midnight again. Now there are days like today where I got my full 8 hours, but I still feel so tired. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

I went to Starkville for the week and had a great time! I got to run with my coach and a teammate, rented a lot of movies, ate at my favorite restaurant there, but best of all was able to spend a lot of quality time with my awesome girlfriend.
- My run with Coach made me very confident in my fitness, while my runs with Adam made me question a little bit how hard I'm actually working. I mean, I feel like I'm doing great, but he didn't seem too blown away by my runs and he made me go even faster than I've been running. What if everyone else is running the kind of pace we were running? Oh well, just 3 more weeks till I find out!
- We rented Inception (thought it was great), Hallpass (I liked it), The Lincoln Lawyer (loved it), Black Swan (just ok), and Blue Valentine (horrible). haha I haven't watched that many movies in a long time.
- My favorite restaurant in Starkville has been Old Venice for quite a while now, but they got a new menu and changed the bread they serve. I'm not a fan. It's probably not my favorite place anymore. What I ordered was ok.. the appetizer wasn't that good to me and my girlfriend got a salad. I walked out of there paying about $40 and was pretty unhappy with it overall. Now I wish I had gone to Umi or something.

sooooo good

Sooooo this week just helped me realize how much I love my girlfriend. Can't live without her. I've missed her so much and I do already.We talk about marriage a lot. I can't wait to be married and start a family with her. On another note, I don't really think we fought at all this week! :) there were just a few times that she went a lil psycho. *Sorry babe ;) I guess I kind of called her out for her restricting habits and she didn't like it.. She knows better, though! It was really frustrating to watch her all week eat oatmeal, a smoothie, and salad. I just don't understand that. I'm noticing that when she struggles, I struggle, and we struggle in our relationship. It's very... exhausting in a way. I can't wait for the day when food isn't an issue. I don't want it in our life or in our family's life when we're older. Wish there was something I could do.

Well, I think this is a little shorter than the last one. haha sorry about that!
Hope everyone has a great start to the week!

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