Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I ran for an hour last night at midnight! it was the perfect run! about 50 degrees with a light wind. Some steps were worse than others as far as my back and IT band, but I mostly just felt soreness. It feels like it's been so long since I ran for that long that my body was just starting to feel pain in general. When I finished my IT band hurt pretty bad.. but I walked it off and stretched a lot and right now it feels 10 times better. Still not completely normal, so I'm going to wait to run again tonight and stretch all day. My life rocks right now. I'm so happy.

Plans for today:
1. Go to the movies with Hales.
2. Make puppy chow with Hales.
3. Try to run with Hales.
4. Possibly Zoo Lights with Hales, Cherilyn, and Austin

sounds like a great day to me!

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